Social networks becoming like Amazon and eBay

10 Aug 2015

Get ready for social commerce: When social networks become like giant Amazon and eBay sites, early adaptors will do best while competition is small and pricing is low.

It will soon become even more important for small businesses to get online and use social media, with the pending arrival of social commerce, which is set to transform social networks into huge online warehouses like Amazon, Alibaba and eBay .


Social Networks Are Set To Become Giant Trading Platforms like Amazon, Alibaba & eBay

Small businesses can currently engage directly with their users via social networks like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Pinterest.

These networks behave like shopfronts, providing the windows, doorways, etc through which small businesses can communicate and advertise their wares. The same is possible on giant trading platforms like Trademe, Alibaba and and eBay.

Social commerce will change this radically and likely end the dominance of giant marketplace platforms like Trademe et al, as social networks will begin operating in the same way as the giant marketplace platforms.

And with social networks' enormous subscriber footprints they stand to take a huge part of the market share from the current aforementioned big 3.

This will be a boon for many businesses already using social networks like Facebook to market their businesses.

This change is expected to happen over the next two to three years, and as with many things, early adapters are likely to get the best deals, while competition is small and pricing is low.

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