Eek for keek–choose carefully to avoid a pants brand

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I discovered this when I asked my Scottish husband what he thought of Keek, to which he replied he thought the concept was great but the name was crap – literally. Apparently in Scotland and other parts of the world, keek means poo!


But Keek is doing well despite its pants name: its offering of 36-second videos is attractive to many even if it does make some of us blanch at the thought of how quickly videos that long could chew through your monthly phone data allowance.

It’s important to take great care when choosing a name, logo and even colours for your business’ brand, especially if you plan to do business globally. At one of my old workplaces considering a rebrand, a survey of employees showed that one logo option looked a lot like a pair of pants to some people and that one of its main colours represented death. Suffice to say, that design was discarded.

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When the folks at the new app Keek decided on its name, it’s doubtful they did much brand research, as in some parts of the world the word keek has unfortunate connotations!