Why your site's rank in Google Search may slip

28 Mar 2015

Your site may be top dog in Google at the moment but after April 21, its site ranking may slip because Google says it will give preferential treatment to mobile-friendly websites.

Your site may be top dog in Google at the moment but after April 21, its Google site ranking may slip because Google says it will give preferential treatment to mobile-friendly websites. 'Mobile-friendly' means a website is easy to view and use on a mobile device without needing to zoom. If your website needs a spruce up; do it now to avoid losing out to mobile-friendly websites in the race to the top of Google's rankings.

Why Is Your Google Site Ranking Important?

If you want to get more customers or website views, you need to be ranked highly in Google so people see your site when they search for information in Google.

How To Tell If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly


Search for your website on any phone with Internet access. If it is mobile friendly, it will have Mobile-friendly in light-grey text under your website listing. You can also use Google's Mobile Friendly test which tells you immediately if your site needs work.

How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Google makes it easy, offering free tools and information on its Webmaster's Mobile Sites Guide. This site helps you analyse your current website, identify problems and fix them. Ultimately you may have to rebuild your site. You can try it yourself with free or low-cost mobile-friendly sites including:


WordPress is great if you know how to use it, and Weebly is good if you are a beginner and want something easy to use. WordPress and Weebly have plugins (add-on programs) which help you further optimise your site for Google including:

  • Yoast WordPress Plugin for SEO which identifies words to use in your website text which people search for often in Google (important as Google favours pages with oft-searched-for text).


What To Do If This All Gives You A Headache

Get in touch to talk about how to bring your website up to mobile-friendly standard. We offer free advice and quotes.    


Read Google's announcement 26 February, 2015

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