Going Digital In Tough Economic Times

13 Nov 2013

The world’s economy has slowed, and small businesses need to spend ever more wisely. Here are five reasons why going digital is still a good idea.

Save money

Digital marketing costs less than traditional marketing and can be set up more quickly.


Going digital with ads means they can be tweaked in a few seconds based on real-time analysis that shows how well a campaign is doing.

Reach actual customers

Print-based advertising is wasteful as it often can’t target potential customers whereas going digital can identify your key demographic audiences so you can be efficient with your marketing spend.

Get more from existing customers

Once a customer hopefully always a customer – with digital marketing all we need is an email address to turn a one-off purchase into repeat business.

Going digital is still value for money

With traditional marketing it’s very hard to track how your money is performing but going digital gives us insight, feedback and measurability so you get more bang for your buck.

Sound good?

Digital marketing can help you save money during lean economic times and boost your business in boomtimes. We’d love to talk you about how we can help - get in touch.