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Without going into gross details, our kitchen's pipes blocked up on Saturday night leaving us with a sink full of water with nowhere to go.


But in a jiffy, under Roger Ducker’s dulcet video tutelage on Youtube, we managed to clear the mass by unclogging the u-bend, quickly restoring the kitchen sink to full working order - exciting stuff!

Roger’s motive for posting his video was probably just to be helpful, which it appears to have been for many as it has so far earned him over  7,000 likes.


Sharing what you know with others makes the world a better place and can also earn you customer loyalty, website traffic and potential sales.

Had he had a plumbing business linked to his Youtube page, some of those likes would have become customers. Most people know something useful which if shared online would help others.

Embed that into a digital-marketing-communications plan if you’re a business, and you’re well on the way to getting more traffic to your website and more money in the till.

Talk to us about how you can use your own knowledge to make useful content that will draw people to your business.