Why teens leaving Facebook is good for business

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While many articles sound the death knell for Facebook, teens’ mass exodus from this social media is actually great for business and here’s why.


Teenagers are exiting Facebook in droves because their mums and dads are joining it in droves. Last year the fastest-growing group were those aged 45-54, with this group up 46% on the previous year.

And if you don’t like being seen with your mum and dad in public; you sure don't want to be friends with them on Facebook! 

The hasty retreat of our youngsters matches the speedy advance of their elders. And these elders are generally the ones with money who decide how to spend it.

So let’s welcome the news that teens are leaving Facebook as it means more of their money-toting parents are joining, which is good news for businesses on Facebook.

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My friend’s daughter is a modern teen: she wants a tattoo, wears ear stretchers and has recently left Facebook along with many of her peers, which we think is great news.