Why your Facebook likes may drop

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Your Facebook Likes May Drop Suddenly But Don't Despair.


While this may sound disheartening to those who have worked hard to get their Facebook likes up, the change is unlikely to effect your page unless its fans are in one of the following categories:

  • your likers are mostly teenagers, many of whom have reportedly left Facebook in droves recently
  • your likers have left Facebook en masse for other reasons
  • your page has a fanbase of people who are more likely than usual to pass away
  • a large proportion of your likes are from fake accounts, many of which may have subsequently been culled by Facebook.


Don't be alarmed if your Facebook likes drop suddenly: From today, likes made by people who have since left Facebook or passed away, will be removed.

So generally, if your Facebook page has genuine likers who really want to read your content, you can sleep easy knowing your drop in likes should be minimal. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for us anyway.

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Read Facebook's announcement 6 March, 2015

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