Scam web hosters and domain name registrars

22 May 2014

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Have you thought about what would happen if your web hoster or domain name registrar decided to close up shop and disappear? What would happen to your website or domain name? How would you access either? 


Unfortunately some of us found out the hard way when NZ web hoster 24/7 Hosting did a runner recently, leaving its clients and their websites high and dry. 

Hopefully this hasn't happened to you too! But just in case; here's what to do.


Always check the backgrounds of your web hosters and domain name registrars to avoid being scammed like we and many others were by 24/7 Hosting NZ.

Retrieving your website domain name from 24/7

If your business’ website domain name is registered with 24/7, you can retrieve it and register with another, reputable business by contacting a company called Voyager Internet Services.

Apparently Voyager has nothing to do with 24/7, except that 24/7 resells Voyager’s services. All you have to do is ask Voyager for your Unique Domain Authentication Identifier (UDAI) which it will email you so you can register with another web hoster.

Retrieving your website files from 24/7

This unfortunately isn’t as easy to do. Hopefully you have your own copies of your website’s files but if not, you will need to ask 24/7 to give them to you, although it is doubtful you will hear back from them.

This is where the headache sets in. My advice is to let the Domain Name Commission (DNC) know of your predicament. It may be able to help but most likely not. Or you could go to Fair Go and/or lobby the Government to regulate web hosters.

Please note that I am not advocating that we regulate the Internet - just web hosters. The person behind 24/7 is already known to Fair Go according to this clip from 2011. The potential damage he is inflicting is woeful and needs to be addressed.

Don’t forget to cancel any direct debit payments you may have going to 24/7.

lobby the Government to regulate web hosters

How to find a good website domain name registrar

When you get your UDAI from Voyager, you can pass it onto a new web hoster. To find a good one, go to the DNC’s list of authorised registrars. Or you could consider leaving your UDAI with Voyager as it is on the DNC’s list and appears to have many happy customers going by its Facebook page. To opt for one offering super-duper good & friendly service, you can choose one which is DNSSEC friendly although any of the authorised registrars should offer good service.

Good luck. If you're worried about your own webhoster or domain name registrar, please get in touch as we are happy to help.